AlphaBit Managed Support Policy

Managed Hosting With a Commercial Control Panel

Our Management plans are limited to VPS/Dedicated accounts with a hosting control panel. Either WHM/cPanel or Parallels Plesk.

Overall, we support every piece of software deployed in a default install.
That means, if you stick with the software the control panel provides for you, we can help you 100% with any issues, problems, or questions that arise.

We work hard to stay on top of software changes so that nothing is a surprise, and document possible issues surrounding the software integration in our internal support manual.

Choose the cPanel or Plesk control panel and a management plan for your VPS if you would like us to manage the environment for you.
WHM/Cpanel and Plesk manage and operate software to accommodate the common internet server requirements, including:

  • DNS Server
  • WWW Webserver
  • Email Service
  • Database server
  • Customizable PHP environment
  • Centralized account backup and restore
  • Customizable PHP deployment- dso, suphp, fastcgi!
  • Faster upgrades on common web/network software (apache, mysql, exim, php) compared to distribution package management
  • Robust email handling- forwarders, aliases, catchalls. Control panel for each email user
  • Easy domain management- easily add, rename, suspend websites
  • Web Statistics Management- all websites have awstats web reports
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    Optimally, all clients who need application support, should choose WHM/Cpanel or Plesk with any order you place with us.
    This is because WHM / Plesk provides a great framework for accommodating 99% of classic hosting support cases.
    Adding SSLs, setting up email accounts, troubleshooting email delivery, adding new domains/accounts to a server, and a whole lot more!

    A lot of people ask "Well, if you guys are so smart, why can't you provide this support without WHM or Plesk???".
    Good question! If we provided the same top notch support for every server, we would need many more support personnel to do so, and we would have to charge our clients much more to cover that cost.
    This is because we can look at 500 customized Linux servers and there are thousands of variations among them.
    Logging for application X is in file Y and not Z, not to mention the fact that not everyone uses the same applications!
    Customer A is running Apache 2.2 and B is piping requests over a reverse http proxy, through a source dependent iptables port rewrite, to mongrel, to his python stack, to a database driven domain based virtual hosting system.

    Clearly, standardization is key to offering the best level of support.
    If you prefer to manage and troubleshoot your own Linux system, rather than paying for us to do so, please scroll down a bit to our next support class, the self-managed for an even cheaper option.

    Unmanaged Hosting, With or Without a Commercial Control Panel

    Part of what makes VPS such a great hosting environment is root access.
    This allows you to provision any software you want in your server, just like a conventional Linux server.
    Don't like sendmail? No problem, rip it out and install qmail, Postfix or Exim.
    Apache getting you down? Remove it and install lighttpd.
    The options are endless because you have complete control over your environment.

    So, what happens when things break or you have no idea what you are doing?
    Well, we will still do our best to help you.

    Think of our support, under these circumstances, like your good Linux geek buddy.
    He will analyze the problem/situation and give you his opinion, recommend and make a few config changes, troubleshoot and research error messages in the log files, and point you in the right direction to gain more knowledge with the problematic software.
    Will he call in sick to spend 9 hours analyzing the source code to understand some undocumented bug or incompatibility with the development software you are wanting to run? Probably not.

    To be clear, we will not configure a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server for you from scratch. If you need that, a control panel is the way to go
    If you know how to do this, or are interested in learning how, you have made the right choice with AlphaBit.
    If you run into errors deploying LAMP, we can check it out and either offer advice or tell you what to change.
    However, fully managed servers for 5 dollars per month (for many, many servers) are just not possible for any company to offer.

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